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It is important that you sign up for "Remind" app for the tournaments
For the Girls Tournament: text @girlscali to 81010
For the Boys Tournament: text @boyscali to 81010

Please keep the following in mind regarding the draws:

  • The placement process begins according to the division requested in their team profiles. We try to move teams up or down based on their preference in order to even out numbers but there are some cases where we had to make other adjustments. 

  • The only reason draws will be revised is if you are playing a team that you play in the regular season in the first round. We have worked hard to avoid this situation but some team profiles are incomplete so we do the best we can.

  • It is the responsibility of the coach to know the times and location of your matches. Please double check the draw on Thursday, February 29th after 1pm to ensure no changes have been made.

  • All Saturday times and locations will be posted online by 7:30pm on Friday evening.

  • At times it is necessary to make adjustments to the the Saturday draw due to site coverage considerations. Thank you for your understanding.

  • It is recommended that you print out a copy of the draw for your reference. Draws are not distributed in the coach's packets.

  • If teams drop, we will do our best to ensure teams still receive two matches per day but please understand that at times this is not possible. 

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