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Girls 2019

Keep in mind the following when looking at your draw

1 There is a chace that you will be in a higher division than you think you should be.

   We did not have a divison 1 last year.

2 There is only 1 reason we will look at switching a teams draw.

   Division 1-7 - If you play a team that you play in the regular season on the first day.

3 We will not consider moving a team to another Divison unless you wish to move up a division.

   This will only be done in an extreem situation

4 Keep in mind that the tournament dirtectors do the best they can with the information given to them.

5 It is the responsibility of the coach to know the times and location of your matches. 

   double check the draw on Wed. September 4 after 1:00pm to make sure no changes have been made.

6  All Saturday times and locations for ALL divisions will be located online by

    Friday September 10 at 8:00

7  Tournament Directors have the right to move a team to a different group due to site coverage on Sat.

8  It would be a good idea to print our the below draw. There will be no draw in the program

9  If a team drops that spot will turn into a bye.  We are sorry that some teams may

    have 1 less match but there is not much the tournament directors can do.

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Final Draw unless I contact you updated 6:00pm

2018 Girls Tournament Results

Day 2 Results

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2018 Boys Draw

Tournament Canceled


Boys 2017 Results


Division 1 Main

Division 1 Back Draw

Division 2-7